La Massana and its gastronomy.

Take home the best souvenir of this land "The Taste of La Massana".

La Massana is mountain, history, sport, emotions and gastronomy. In our area you will find variety and quality as well as a secret ingredient: respect for the product, the land and tradition. Our kitchens offer high mountain, homemade and market recipes. Traditional Andorran cuisine, popular festivals and snacks with breathtaking views. Moreover, Massana is a melting pot of cultures, which is reflected in its gastronomy. Take a route through Asia, Mexico, the Middle East, Portugal without leaving the parish and don't miss the best Argentinian barbecues at an altitude of over 1,000 metres. Whether snowed in or dressed in green, in La Massana you can enjoy its gastronomy all year round!

La massana as the epicentre of sustainable gastronomy

Sustainable gastronomy is delicious, creative and purposeful.

We are the epicentre

Because we will succeed in expanding sustainable gastronomy in our Parish and beyond!.

We are sustainable

Because we value local producers, our businesses and because we want a gastronomy that respects the product, tradition, healthy cuisine, proposing local products as a base. And we are going for more!

How will we achieve this?

Mener des recherches, promouvoir la durabilité dans le secteur gastronomique, promouvoir l'économie circulaire, sensibiliser, valoriser et communiquer. Impliquer la population, les écoles, les producteurs locaux, promouvoir la proximité.

Join the generation of commitment and take with you the best souvenir of this land, the taste of La Massana!

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La massana cookers: culinary tradition

La Massana Fogons is more than a project, it is a way of living and sharing, a story to tell. It is a living project that evolves to leave a gastronomic legacy for future generations. It all began with the dream of being able to compile all the creativity of the restaurateurs, transmitting the smells and flavours of the parish's kitchens and exhibiting them in a great showcase all over the world.

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Jornades de gastronomia sostenible

Local producers and gastronomic establishments

We know that the flavour of La Massana does not only come from the kitchen. We also have the products of those small, large local producers who decide to opt for proximity. They invent, reinvent, work in a sustainable way to achieve different results with local products, leaving our parish as a benchmark for flavour and quality.

The sweetest thing about this land: La Massana Llaminera

In La Massana we have a real gourmet route: gastronomic establishments, farms and restaurants with a wide range of sweets to eat at any time of the day or at dessert time, with the creative touch of each pastry chef. Whether it's hot or cold, there's nothing better than enjoying an irresistible breakfast or snack with local, seasonal products.

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