La Massana, Starlight Tourist Destination.

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Observa milers d’estrelles i contempla l’espectacle de l’arc de la Via Làctia

The quality of the night sky in La Massana and the Comapedrosa Natural Park offers exceptional conditions for astronomy. Travel the sky from end to end and observe the charm of the universe.

Astrotourism in the Comapedrosa Natural Park

In the heart of the Pyrenees hides one of the best preserved refuges of darkness in southern Europe, the Comapedrosa Natural Park. In this environment we find an ideal place to enjoy the experience of contemplating a starry sky and regain contact with the universe that surrounds us.

Star tourism or astro-tourism allows us to discover the beauty of the universe that surrounds us.

Let yourself be accompanied by professional guides and Starlight Monitors who will lead the activities. Observation with telescopes, discovering the constellations and their mythology, G-Astronomy proposals or snowshoeing in the moonlight.

Starlight reserve and tourist destination

This international seal recognises those protected natural areas that enjoy excellent night sky quality and where a commitment is made to the defence of the quality of the night sky and access to starlight.